How butterflies remind us to embrace challenges and become resilient

I wondered: how do butterflies get out of their hard cocoons using such fragile wings?!
How do the organs of a future butterfly develop and rearrange in general over the course of several days?
We are accustomed to accepting nature as a fact and are not surprised by many things around us nowadays, but if you just think about it?

If you help a butterfly open the cocoon and let it fly, it may not get that same color and strenght as other butterflies do. Their wings come out weaker because they do not break through the light/rays themselves, and the fluid from the body does not pass properly to the wings, so they suffer more, and cannot fully survive in the environment.
Same with every living thing on this planet: we become stronger when we overcome obstacles on the way. Challenges help us acquire the same color and strong wings (just like butterflies) in order for us to spread the wings, and fly as high as we want.



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